Deceptive Simplicity
Hola! Philippines / May 2015

Being a little averse to fashion trends, harlan + holden went as far as owning the term “uniform dressing” as they unveiled their newest collection, the harlan + holden B.C. collection was introduced in a minimalistic showcase held at the harlan tent in Greenbelt, where the newest creations proved to be a marvel of construction and design when seen up close. The newest collection introduced stylishly simple garments that break the boundaries of simplistic style as the pieces encouraged repeated use and mixing and matching – pieces that are not designed for a specific occasion but rather those that can take a wardrobe from weekday to weekend.

Much like the harlan + holden store, the tent was constructed to be an experience in itself with the natural warmth of lights, and fuss-free dresses displayed at the centermost area for the guests to see.