Fluidity Reigns at Harlan + Holden’s Biggest Pop-up Store / September 2016

Its grandiosity is striking: a massive wooden structure at the center of an outdoor garden, and inside, three domes made of fluid lines, uninterrupted. A tranquility overtakes you—everything flows freely at the largest pop-up store of local brandHarlan + Holden, which constructed the gorgeous space at the center of the Greenbelt mall in Makati. If you walk by, you won’t miss it. It’s a head turner.  

The space is envisioned to life by Swiss designer Frederic Legendre, who has worked with a number of luxury brands for many years, working on the store designs for Harry Winston, Breitling, and Rolex, to name a few. Legendre’s work is largely inspired by nature, but he also fuses it with his experiences from traveling around the world, and his history of working closely with watchmakers in Switzerland, who taught him that every miniscule detail is important. On a particularly balmy afternoon, he sits with Preview.phto talk about his process and his work.


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