Beyond Basics
The Philippine Star - Ystyle / April 2015

MANILA, Philippines - Harlan + Holden is the kind of brand that is a perfect fit for the modern woman. With just one look at the pieces displayed in their store, it’s easy to see it that it caters to the woman who loves dressing up but has no time for complicated, hard-to-match clothes.

The label is synonymous to the term “uniform dressing” because the clothes are in their purest form and in neutral colors that are easy on the eye. It’s all about slouchy, elegant silhouettes. The fabrics are carefully selected for easy care. They rely on hand or machine washing; no need for dry cleaning and/or meticulous ironing. The Harlan + Holden woman also likes to travel so clothes can be easily packed and stored.

Harlan + Holden recently launched B.C., a unique 15-piece collection that complements day-to-day activities. With comfort in mind and exquisite tailoring, the collection is composed of separates that every modern woman needs. Its whole idea is to focus on ease – wear, care and bare. It’s the Harlan + Holden brand but “stripped to its core.” These items will remain in the stores for half a year as a semi-permanent line.

The concept of Harlan + Holden’s B.C. collection will not only up anyone’s style game, it also challenges the wearer to take a different approach to dressing up. Their clothes are meant to be repeated. Mixing and matching is highly encouraged.

Clothes by HARLAN + HOLDEN’s 1B.C. collection
Makeup by ANTHEA BUENO of MAC Cosmetics
Special thanks to BEYOND YOGA Greenhills

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