Caroline Issa Make a Trip to Manila
Hola! Philippines / September 2015

Considered one of fashion’s “movers and shakers,” Tank Group CEO Caroline Issa was welcomed with a fitting luxurious dinner from harlan + holden to celebrate not only the partnership with Tank Form Creative Agency, but Caroline’s outstanding contribution to the brand, as well. “I was honored to be asked by the team at harlan + holden when looking at rebranding their young business, both in the opportunity to work with a talented and proven team, but also with the chance to create an authentic and heartfelt brand as passionate in quality of life as in quality of the clothing they make,” Carolina Issa is quoted. Her arrival was celebrated by many notable personalities in the industry, including Rajo Laurel, Mia Tiaoqui-San Agustin, Mia Borromeo, Bea Valdes, and Marga Valdes.