Comfortable is the new fashion
PhilStar / July 2016

The rich really are a different breed of people. When they like a certain outfit, they buy a dozen of it in different colors. Not rocket science, but I read this bit of trivia in a book on retail and consumer behavior many years ago.

Now here’s a thought on Facebook the other day:  “The richest and most successful people strive for simplicity in appearance and don’t think for too long about what to put on each morning.”

By sticking to easy and simple clothes, “time is saved and stress levels are reduced. Your energy isn’t used up. You make fewer decisions about things that aren’t important.”

Think Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, who always wore a black turtleneck and denim pants. Think Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder, in his signature plain T-shirt and black hoodie. And both in rubber shoes. Think French woman of style Ines de la Fressange typically in white shirt, blue jeans, cardigan and flats. Think cultural critic Fran Lebowitz in black blazers and white blouse.

What’s happening? Is there a new dress code among the rich and successful?


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