1bc Launch
1bc Launch
March 2015

Before the internet, before salted caramel recipes, before Google and Facebook, before the colour oatmeal, before neoprene, before diffusers, before botox… B.C. is designed to simplify decisions.

Safeguarding the values of the harlan + holden brand, B.C. is a permanent collection of your wardrobe staples. Like the harlan + holden mother brand, comfort, fine tailoring, and superior quality are a given. It is a uniform approach to dressing, and thus can be worn repeatedly with pride.

• Composed of 15 recommended pieces to update one’s wardrobe.
• A collection arrives in store all at once and remains in store for half a year
• Only 2 colour-ways for each design
• B.C. is harlan + holden stripped down to the core. A more disciplined approach to design and dressing, with the idea of EASE: in wear, care, and bear.


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