Blue/Maroon Dress

about time




harlan + holden's mission is to save time.


Guided by its 5 brand values, COMFORTABLE, INNOVATIVE, UNIFORM, EASY, CALM and EXCITING, the brand develops products to impact the people who impact the world.


Because it’s about time, each piece is created with the #10MinuteMission in mind. If harlan + holden can save you 10 Minutes from your usual daily routine, then mission accomplished.


Founded in 2015, harlan and holden is in the business of selling clothing and coffee.  Headquartered in Seoul, it sells at harlanholden.com, and currently has 20 retail stores in South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines.   


Blue Dress

design philosophy

harlan + holden isn’t simply a style of dressing but rather an approach to dressing.

With comfort as a priority, the clothes allow our woman to fulfill her many roles and responsibilities. Each piece aims to complement the dynamic lifestyle of the harlan + holden woman so she spends less time choosing, wearing and caring for her clothes and focuses on more important matters. With nothing to prove to anyone, she greets each day with ease and purpose. harlan + holden respects that time is her most prized luxury so she trusts the brand to help her look, and feel, good.

A little averse to fashion, definitely anti-trends, harlan + holden will go as far as owning the term “uniform dressing” because it encourages repeated use, mixing and matching with what already exists in your wardrobe.

Deceptively simple, the garments prove to be a marvel of construction and design up close, but essentially, the clothes must be easy to put on and remove.

The modern woman is not high maintenance, and neither should her clothes be. Travel is a large part of the harlan + holden woman’s lifestyle, clothes should be easily packed and stored.

harlan + holden products are about fine tailoring, clean finish and a keen attention to details.


every collection designed to save you TIME


bc is designed to simplify decisions.

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now on 6bc, the collection maintains the philosophy of a uniform approach to dressing it is known for.

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your intelligent, modern, travel uniform. a collection made for you to wear from point a. to point b.; whether by plane, train or automobile.

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the brand's explored places

camino challenge

harlan + holden debuts CAMINO, a slip-on shoe for both men and women in the mystial mountains of himalayas.

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Testing cabinwear2 with the adventure of the lifetime.

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Taking 7bc's ease in wear, care and bear in Greece.

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venturing into food and beverage


harlanholden.coffee offers a click+collect system to serve you faster. no more waiting in line.

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