October, 2019


In line with the launch of the 7bc collection, the guests traveled to the cradle of Western Culture, explored the ancient UNESCO World Heritage sites and the historically breathtaking Peloponnese Islands. Inspired by the fashion philosophy “before Christ” where outfit choices were comfortable, allow movement and versatile, harlan + holden’s bc collections are designed to simplify decisions. 


It was a 5-day journey in 7bc amidst the nation known to have one of the earliest civilizations dating back to the 12th to 9th centuries BC – Greece, showcasing the clothes in different dressing occasions, all with ease.






Welcome to the heart of Ancient Greece where a powerful civilization and empire once stood. 


On Day 1 we embarked the journey #backto7bc by strolling along landmarks and ruins of the Golden Age of Pericles.








 kalos IRTHATE!


A trip to Greece will not be complete without visiting one of their beautiful 6,000 islands, so we went to the affluent historical island of Spetses.


A unique way to discover the scenic town was through a TREASURE HUNT! The guest explored the quaint little island the harlan + holden way.  






We visited a precious seaport town called Nafplio. It was the town capital of the First Hellenic Republic. The town preserves a traditional architectural style of colourfulbuildings influenced by the Venetians.


The group biked along the coast in their caminos. First stop, Agios Saint Nikolaos right next to the ocean. Second stop, the water castle of Bourtzi which is a Venetian castle located in the middle of the harbour of Nafplio. Then a filling lunch at an authentic Greek Tavern awaited them.




Citius, Fortius and Altius - Faster, Higher, Stronger as they say in Greek. Well we say, ease, comfort and uniform in harlan + holden.


The most awaited activity was none other than a mini Olympics.






The guests were joined by Nikolaos Kaklamanakis, an Olympic gold medalist in sailing. He was the last torch bearer who lit the cauldron to start the 2004 Athens Olympics.


The harlan + holden games were: archery, long jump, shot put, wrestling and race obstacle. Nikolaos also taught the group how to stand up paddle board.






Before we bid farewell to Hellas, we had a relaxed brunch at a local farmhouse where we feasted on a farm to table meal. The guests enjoyed petting the farm animals and had the chance to experience an Easter tradition by playing the red egg game.




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