September, 2019

before the internet, before salted caramel recipes, before google and facebook, before the colour oatmeal, before neoprene, before diffusers, before botox, before millennials…


bc is designed to simplify decisions. now on 6bc, the collection maintains the philosophy of a uniform approach to dressing it is known for.


The 15-piece collection ensures ease in wear, care and bear. clothing made convenient for the modern dynamic woman with the 1step concept applied to all pieces. in 1step, no clasps, zippers or other means of closures are there to worry about. easy to pull on and off, making you 1step ahead of your day. each item is a tried and tested piece which the brand tweaks based on feedback from its clients. always keeping the signature style, cut or detail of harlan + holden. clothing for weekday to weekend, the brand’s 7/7 philosophy, assures every item is a wardrobe essential.

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